Thursday, 24 January 2013

A Voxler beyond A Surfer



Here comes another great three-dimensional visualization software from the stables of Golden Software Inc. Overtime, Surfer had taken the prominent place in the domain of ‘basic/simple’ three-dimensional visualization of geophysical or geospatial data; but Voxler is here to put spice up our plots with its its amazing speedy creation of stunning models that visualize the relationships across your data set. This robust, yet user-friendly program gives you the power to display your data in a variety of formats and colours, capture video animation of your moving model, and select from several image and data export options.

One cool feature I like about Voxler is that it suspends layers of imported datasets on one another, while Surfer only merges the layers on one another. The suspension capability allows for independent as well as relative observation of the plots.

Voxler can plot datasets in variety of ways which include 3D-surface maps (height field), contour maps, point maps (scatter-plots) etc. It can also work with datasets of a wide variety of formats, although there is limitation to the type of graphic output obtainable with different data formats; for example you can not plot a surface map (height-field) with a .dat dataset but you can plot surface maps and many more types of graphic output with a .grd dataset.

Try out the wonders of Voxler and you’ll get hooked as I’ve been :)



Olokutarocks_vox3 - Contour map suspended above surface map, allowing for both independent and relative observation of datasets.

Olokutarocks_vox4 - 3D observation of the relationship between datasets (surface maps only).



- Observation of the relationship between datasets (Surface map and scatter points).

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